Sacred Energy Healing

Jewels brings 25 years of experience in energy healing and transformation. She offers distance healing, telephone energy readings and in-person appointment at her Portland office. She is a certified practitioner in the following healing modalities...
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Divine Light Guidance

The Essence of who we are is found in a Sacred Dimension beyond our thoughts and conditioned sense of self. Simply sitting with candlelight and resting in the silence of our true nature we will access this Sacred Dimension. We welcome this intelligent and divine force to clear, heal, balance and release energetic build up from our field. Click for more!

Sacred Heart Sessions & Gatherings

Our gatherings are for all interested in sitting in the presence of the source of all life, with an open heart and a silent mind. Satsang means in the company of the “highest truth”, with people who talk and listen about the truth. We will gather together with the spirit of inquiry and openness of heart and mind. Sacred Heart Satsang is an invitation to commune with Spirit. Click for more!

Soul Light Readings

Jewels offers a deeper understanding of your life purpose through Soul Light Readings. She has been gifted with the ability to see your true nature. Through her readings she can assist you in removing blocks that prevent you from living in your optimal potential and true life purpose! Click for more!

The Sacred Code of Love

For more information or to order The Sacred Code of Love~ Communion with God book or CD